Feb. 2nd, 2008

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So last night was .. interesting.

I got off work at 4ish but stayed until 4:22 to finish my peer reviews.  Load of shit.  Went over to my mom's work and talked to her clients.  Finished a book, got some knitting done, went and saw the MAX/bus collision.  The MAX was off the track and the bus was crumpled a little in half.  After mom got off work Paul came and picked us up.  We went to American Dream Pizza.  Yummy.  Chip, who has worked there as long as I can remember, took our order and when my mom was saying my order he interjects with, "Onion.  Just onion, you don't need to say cheese.  You [he points to me] haven't been here awhile but I know your order."  He's great.  Yummy pizza, yummy salad.  I love Am Dream.   We all sat together and talked and ate.  It was for my grandmama's birthday.  Chip bought my grandmama a glass of wine then a round for everyone.  Cept me.  Duh.  I was getting tired of them though.  I can only take so much drunk family before I'm ready to go.  We closed them out at Am Dream.  I got dropped off first.  I was getting ready for bed.  Was in the bath when Alex called.  He didn't have his keys.  Fucker.  And so Olga (thank goodness) came to picked me up and I locked the door.  Olga, Crystal and Lora were going to Coffee Time so I tagged along.  I was awake at that point.  We played Yahtzee and crank coffee.  Then Chris who works with Crystal at Sweet Masterpeices joined us.  We played another round of Yahtzee.  It was fun.  At twoish I was back at home.  I crashed.  And because of my late night I missed Linda's calls this morning.  ;-;

And I hate work.  But at least I only have one close next week.  Yay!  Because I hate closes.  Hate theeeem. 


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