Jan. 27th, 2008

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I would really love my job if it wasn't for my manger.  Everything I dislike about my job leads right back to him.  My horrible schedule was written by him and even though I've talked to him several times about it nothing has changed.  The lack of work by others is brought on by the fact that my manager never reprimands them.  So I have to fight them every step of the way.  Lazy bastards.  The new area manager asked me a question awhile back.  If I was to start a restaurant of my own and could take people from Noodles, how many would I take.  Truthfully?  I'd take three out of the thirteen or so employees we have. 

But if the manager was gone and our assistant manager took over a lot of things would change for the better.  She really understands how to run a store.  She's fair, keeps the place clean, makes sure everyones as content as they can be, already has shown that she can do the schedule so everyone is happy with it instead of just the manager and his golden boy being happy.  But she also doesn't let anyone get off easy.  She's been really helpful to me.  And according to her the manager smelled like piss the other day.  How gross is that?  The crew, for the most part, is good.  I only have two people who give me trouble.  And one is only because I'm sure he's stealing things but I have yet to catch him.  The other, we just can't see eye to eye about a lot of things.  A previous employee, who was banned by Sissy because of the way he left and the way he treated people, tried to come back into the store today but I told the manager he was banned and so he made him leave.  The employee who I have trouble with snapped at me because she thought that was unfair.  He told Sissy that he hated everyone in the store before he turned and walked away from her.  Yeah .. not fair to kick him out?  I have the right to refuse service to anyone thank you very much. 

Anyway, blah blah blah.  I just have too much stress in my life.  I have no idea how I can afford to keep living.  Everything costs too much.  No more frivolous items.  Good thing I got my Torchwood DVDs before this had to happen. 


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