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I hate work

More than ever.

I got up at five this morning.  So I could watch Torchwood.  Bad idea.  And I have to leave a few minutes to catch the MAX to get a bus to be at work by eight out in fucking Hillsboro. 
Hate you RTD for killing TWO of the main characters.  Tosh was so selfless and wonderful.  And god that was such a heart breaking scene.

I woke up at five to bawl my eyes out?  Th tny parts with Ianto were great.  Gareth can convey such emotion.  And his and Gwen's double team hug when Jack came back was so touching.  I wanted to hug them all too.  And I cringed when John's unit was demoleculearizing (I know it's spelled wrong and isn't really a proper word) from his skin.  Eww. 

This was the best/worse series finale ever.  I can't really wrap my mind around the fact that Owen and Tosh are dead .. and gone.  Not just undead, dead like Owen was for so long. 

But Ianto is alive.  : Wibble. :