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Torchwood spoilers

Mostly this episode emphasized my hate for them pushing Gwen/Jack on us.  It's done.  Get over it.  Jack's a big boy he can get over someone, he's done it before.

I did love what little Ianto bits we were given.  And the throw away scene where Ianto is picking out Gwen's dress and the shop attendent thinks it's for him.  :3  And another kink for Jack and Ianto is his tailoring skills.  And hey .. at least it's out in the open that Jack and Ianto are together.  Though said in the most Jack-like way it was a little degrading for Ianto.  I did giggle like a school girl. 

"What will you do while I'm away?"
"Oh the usual; pizza, Ianto, saving the world."

Eve did an amazing job acting in this episode.  Though I pretty much could have done without all of Jack and her longing looks.  I REALLY hope they put this to rest. 

Oh!  And Ianto being the DJ made me too happy.  And asking Jack to dance but Gwen thought it was for her.  Nice touch. 

Still go for Ianto over Owen any day.  Not that I don't love the Owster.  I just am a lot more attracted to Gareth and how he is in his interviews and how he portrays the character and how the character is himself. 


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